Your Kitchen

Our recipe: balanced diets prepared with pure passion.

Our Commitment

We serve fresh, healthy meals, snacks and drinks that are both nutritious and delicious and presented with care.


Our experienced Chef and well-trained team of catering professionals prepare the finest ingredients and present every plate with pride.

We use only fresh locally sourced produce and then prepared by our chefs with heart and passion.

Good food is not only about nutrition. Mealtimes also allow for important social contact amongst residents and staff.

All meals are prepared and cooked in our modern, fully-equipped kitchen and generally served in our main dining room, or in-room if preferred.

Staff also enjoy a daily cooked meal which allows for valuable feedback to ensure we maintain our consistently high standard.

Menus change daily and of course, we attend to most of the special dietary requests of our residents.

A great success with all the Residents (and staff) are the daily-baked biscuits served with morning or afternoon tea.

Regular review of menus is carried out every three months and residents are included in the future planning.