Your Respite Care

There are times when a family Carer needs a well-deserved break.

Helping Hands

Our Commitment

Non-stop care of a loved one who needs assistance can be exhausting. We will gladly accommodate you for some time, allowing you to de-stress and enjoy complete peace of mind.


Respite/Short Term Rehabilitation

If a member of your family or loved one recently received hospital treatment or underwent an operation and, although well enough to be discharged from hospital, may not be well or strong enough to return home.

We can assist with comfortable, safe, supportive, and personal care for the period of rehabilitation until he or she is ready to return home.

Holiday & Short Stay

With no minimum stay required, we offer Carer’s or family members the chance to leave their loved ones in safe, secure hands as well as a comfortable, friendly environment for a weekend, a week, two weeks, or beyond!

A Respite and Holiday/Short Stay has another benefit. It provides both a trial and a positive insight into what life would be like in a care home environment. This can soften the trepidation and anxiety which can occur when the care home becomes permanent.

Trial & Day Care

Should you wish to arrange a trial visit or prefer to stay with us for lunch, or on a Day Care basis please do not hesitate to contact us for further details*

* Day Care has limited availability

Benefits of Respite & Short Stay

Should the time be approaching where the realities of being happy and safe at home are being challenged by the increased dangers or risks, falls and self neglect then let us introduce you to modern 21st century care.

Here the emphasis is placed on maintaining a lifestyle that encourages continuing independence, companionship, safety and a sense of belonging to the exceptional Rosemary Lodge family of individuals who fully understand you and your unique health needs.

Respite Care