Covid19 Plan

Rosemary Lodge remains Covid-free due to the care, commitment and diligence of our professional team. Therefore, please be advised of current guidance as of 01 June 2021.


Staff, Residents, Visitors and prospective clients need to feel confident when visiting. These are the measures we have put in place for your safety and peace of mind. 

What we do for staff

  • Every day on entering the building before the start of shift, staff are temperature checked and the details recorded
  • Testing for all staff is ongoing; lateral flow tests at the beginning and end of each week; PCR tests are carried out weekly.
  • Masks are compulsory and staff are required to wash hands and sanitise frequently.
  • Plenty of Full PPE equipment is available for use.
  • Should any member of staff or their ‘significant others’ show any covid symptoms that staff member would self–isolate for ten days.

What we do for residents

  • Residents are encouraged to wash their hands and sanitise frequently.
  • The Dining Area is organised to ensure that preventative infection control is maintained.
  • Residents may prefer to take breakfast or lunch in their room if they wish.
  • Appropriate seating arrangements are in place in the communal lounges.
  • All Residents are PCR tested monthly.
  • Plenty of lateral flow and PCR test kits are available for use, should any concerns be raised / Covid symptoms observed, and results are usually obtained within 72 hours. Naturally, any Resident showing any symptoms would self-isolate in their rooms whilst undergoing treatment and ‘barrier nursing’ and related infection control procedures put in place.
  • All corridors/communal rooms are professionally Environmentally ‘deep’ cleaned every 6 weeks.
  • Our Domestic Team during their regular cleaning programme also carry out stringent infection control practice including daily sanitised door handles, switches, surfaces and areas of risk.

What we do for visitors

  • Visitors are only allowed on an appointment basis, to ensure the most effective infection control procedures are followed.
  • Visitors should not wander around the home; rather are encouraged to proceed to their designated meeting point.
  • Five named visitors to one resident is permissible with two visitors allowed to visit at any one time.
  • Children over pre-school age are considered one of the named visitors.
  • The named visitor list-shouldn’t alter unless exceptional circumstances and only after permission from the Care Manager
  • All personal contact details are taken to ensure Track & Trace guidelines are followed.
  • Visitors will undertake a rapid lateral flow test prior to each visit, sanitise, temperature check and wear appropriate PPE.
  • We welcome visitors to sit in the gardens/outside terraces.
  • Our Pod is also available for visitors’ use.
  • Visitors are permitted to sit with the resident in their room for one hour per week.
  • Residents are allowed to be taken on trips outside of the home although on arrival home can only be escorted by family to the door from where a Carer will be required to take over.
  • Pre-booking is not required to take a resident out, although prior notice would be welcome so the carers can ensure your relative or friend is prepared.
  • Kindly advise if the trip out will include a meal so we can inform the kitchen.
  • Amanda, our Activities co-ordinator, will continue to arrange regular Face time ‘get togethers’ with your loved one to keep in touch.

What we do for prospective clients

  • If you wish to view the Home whilst we are not currently accepting personal visits, we can arrange a video tour using FaceTime. At the same time, we are then on hand to answer any questions during the online tour.
  • Residents who are due to move into the Home and concerned about being self-isolated on arrival can be reassured that this won’t be the case, as Jane Evans the Care Manager will visit you at your home 2-3 days before admission (in full PPE) to conduct a PCR test. If the test result is negative, then you can move in without any need for further Isolation.
  • Only the current visiting guidelines and infection control protocols will apply.